Construction cost index

What is the difference between the construction cost index and the construction price index?

The construction price index is a value that indicates the change in the actual prices, ie the percentage that the developer has to pay more or less for the construction work compared to the previous year.

The construction cost index, on the other hand, indicates how the cost bases have changed, eg material costs.

How will the construction travels develop?

The construction costs have developed parallel to the construction costs; they have also risen by more than 10% since 2010, compared with the previous year by only 1.8%. The rise in the price of construction work is particularly pronounced, the labor force has increased by about 2%, since 2010 by almost 14%.

Where should the building cost index be considered?

The planning of a property can be more than a year depending on size and equipment. During this time, as the current trend shows, prices can change quickly. The price increase should therefore be taken into account when planning the financing in the form of a mark-up, since further construction can be completed by the time the building is completed. With the current upward trend, the cost difference can be significant.