Construction of adobe house

The adobe houses are so old that they are believed to exist before the first documented dwellings. At first it was very used but it lost followers because these first constructions were not resistant to the earthquakes.

More recently, the ecological construction of adobe houses has been booming with the difference that, in its more professional version, it is a technique of building reinforced adobe houses, which gives it the desired anti-seismic character.

They are alternatives houses that, although they integrate cement in the sol eras, they are made for the most part with an insulating and ecological material like the earth (containing this one an adequate proportion of clay and white earth) mixed with water.

The ecological construction of houses of adobe is based on raising the walls of the house with blocks made with molds of wood or metal and put to dry for about 10 days before its use.

It differs from the COB construction system in which the latter is made monolithic dwellings, directly with the wet mix and molded with the hands, while in the construction with adobe are used raw blocks one placed on others to lift the walls.

It can be said that the construction of houses with COB is more ecological than the adobe, although it is also true that this has integrated a modifications that reinforce the house making them very safe against earthquakes and, without a doubt, safety is an important element when we speak of houses.