Games excavators and backhoes

Bulldozers and backhoes may be ordinary machinery of construction and destruction, but that does not mean they are not suitable objects for a variety of games. After all, many of us have wondered how it feels to be in charge of one of these powerful machines. These games are available in various formats.

Bob the Builder: Scoop’s Construction site game

This board game is designed for children ages four and up. It is based on the popular television show “Bob the Builder” (Bob the Builder) and is in an environment of construction, with players trying to build a multi-story tower. The first player to build a tower of the required size will win the game, but participants must be careful because a motorized backhoe round by the board and may frustrate their construction efforts.

Digger Simulator 2011

This video game for the computer simulation is a literal experience of driving a bulldozer construction, with players hand you must meet missions using the vehicle. These consist of trenching and order materials, with players having access to a variety of different excavators, according to the assigned task. Players must ensure that the sand fall into the trenches have been dug and also avoid digging in the wrong place. The game has a professional way for fans to actual excavators.

Tonka Construction 2

This game is based on Tonka construction vehicles, and players can drive these excavators through a wide range of fields, such as mountainsides and quarries. Players can choose to design buildings and create a site to your liking or simply unleash its destructive side and destroy everything in sight in one of the game modes demolition.

Caterpillar construction tycoon

This game puts players in the role of a construction manager, whose job is to handle not just one but multiple construction sites worldwide. Player’s machines assigned to various locations to perform each task and must also manage recruitment, finance and resources, and react to natural disasters that can affect the construction business. The tasks themselves are played in first person, testing the player’s driving skills.

Power Diggers

This game tests the player’s ability to drive a bulldozer and manipulate his arm to perform a series of challenges, which often go to the limit of the strange, such as rescuing a group of sea turtles to earn points. Other game modes include time trial competitions in which the player must hit moles and demolishing cars. “Power Diggers” has three difficulty modes, where players will have access to more powerful vehicles as they progress in the game.