To dig a big hole, a backhoe

If you have ever had need to dig a small hole in the ground, a shovel or a hoe will serve to do so. But if you’ve ever needed to dig a really big hole in the ground, you might want to consider something a bit more efficient as a backhoe.

Design and controls

A backhoe, also known as mechanical shovel, a piece of equipment is mainly used to dig into the ground and remove large amounts of dirt, gravel or sand. The backhoe consists of a long arm with an appendix at the end, square and shaped blade, known as “bucket”. The backhoe is designed much like a human arm with three joints to grab something at the end. The upper arm is known as “pen”, while the forearm is referred to as “stick”. The backhoe is regularly attached to a tractor in the rear, with a complementary tool known as “shipper” in the front.

Tractors specially designed for these machines also have stabilizing legs. Some people refer to the whole assembly as “backhoe” although the backhoe itself is only one third of the entire machine. A backhoe works through the driver of the tractor. When the tractor driver moves the assembly into place, park your vehicle and turn the seat forward.

The operator can choose to display the leveling feet if the tractor is not on solid ground or surface that will operate the backhoe is especially hard. Once fully in place, the operator must manipulate two joysticks, one to move the pen and the other to stick the bucket to work the hydraulic backhoe on the floor.

Rather than digging

Although backhoes are designed to excavate mainly in residential areas because of their compact size, they can also perform other functions. The Caterpillar company has backhoes that, when bound with chains, can lift heavy objects. A drill attachment allows the backhoe to dig circular holes, while an electric hammer makes it able to break concrete and asphalt. Replace the tray with an attachment clamps allows the driver to lift things like fallen trees.