Tips for properly lighting a commercial premise

The first thing to keep in mind is that in the tertiary sector the lighting has a strategic importance and that spaces such as the windows should be well lit to highlight the products with adequate light .

Likewise, in the case of an office, suitable lighting is essential as it improves the concentration of people and, thus, also the quality of work. Similarly, we must know that in public places, it is mandatory to correctly illuminate the emergency exits. And, in addition, in each and every one of the spaces it is fundamental to control the energy expenditure using intelligent technologies that complement the facilities.

When it comes to lighting offices and offices, you can use different solutions. One of them are extra- bright luminaries with high luminous efficiency. They are equipped with high-frequency electronic ballast and have a longer life than conventional ones.

Another option is LED recessed ceiling screens: they are easy to assemble and get 4,000 lumens with a consumption of only 40 watts, which translates into a 50% savings compared to traditional fluorescent. In addition, its multi directional light possibilities do not create shadows and give us a neutral and balanced illumination.

How to light windows and windows

For window and window lighting works we must know how to take advantage of the movement of natural light to save energy and money. In the exterior we can use projectors if we look for a lighting at a distance, to highlight elements like signs or signs. Iodine quartz and LED spotlights are two good solutions.

Inside the premises, you can install recessed spotlights metal halide, which resemble daylight. Two of its advantages are a better reproduction of the colors and ability to highlight the exposed elements. And these lighting products can be combined with rectangular LED spotlights in floors, ceilings and walls if we want to enhance the illumination at some specific point.

We are all concerned about efficiency and energy savings, for you as professionals and also for your final customers who do not want to see how your electric bill increases. That is why it is important to use lighting control and regulation systems , such as twilight switches (activated when natural light is not enough and are perfect for shop windows) or timers (especially recommended for local transit places such as hallways or bathrooms).

Security light on the other hand, you should know that the safety regulations indicate that the emergency exits must be correctly illuminated and marked in public places to facilitate the evacuation of the place in case of fire. Remember that this signage is part of an integral prevention system that should include doors with anti-panic bar, fire alarms or extinguishers, among other elements.

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