Types of construction project

Creating the personality of business and neighborhood districts, the construction industry is made up of three broad categories, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Building construction includes businesses, residences, churches and commercial and industrial buildings. Civil and heavy engineering construction includes tunnels, bridges and highways. Special construction activities include the internal development of buildings, including carpentry, electricity and plumbing. As a result, the industry works on diverse projects, all of which build and maintain the infrastructure of a nation.

Building construction projects

Contractors who work in building construction create the character of cities, suburbs and country settings. Building construction projects include houses, churches, commercial structures and commercial and industrial buildings. Private and public entities guarantee the construction of buildings. For example, a family can buy land and hire contractors to build a house. Public entities may require the construction of museums or research centers to house government projects and local or federal employees. Industrial and commercial projects are funded by businesses or for-profit organizations. Industrial buildings include warehouses and utilities and packaging facilities.

Heavy construction and civil engineering projects

Laying the foundation for an organized infrastructure; heavy and civil engineering projects are used on bridges, roads, railways, dams and sewers. These valuable projects greatly affect the quality of life and standard of living of a nation. These projects include water and sewer lines, bridges, roads and road construction, oil and gas pipelines, and electrical and communication structures. Generally, heavy and civil engineering construction projects are funded by governments or corporations such as state or local federal energy and water companies.

Special trade construction projects

Buildings and bridges are not complete once built. Commercial specialty construction projects add finishing touches that highlight the personality of buildings and make them functional. Commercial workers who specialize in painting, plumbing and electrical installations ensure proper completion of interior structures. Commercial construction projects also include renovation of construction, expansion, installation of carpets, construction and installation of cabinets, plaster and brick.